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The Paulist Productions building at 17575 Pacific Coast Highway has a long and colorful history. Built in 1928, it originally served as a shopping center for the Castellammarre housing development.




Since the early 1960's it has served as the home of Paulist Productions.


In 2002, the building's exterior received a full makeover and new windows were installed on the second floor. Additional improvements to the building have been made over the years with the addition of a garden and a newly remodeled lobby.


Building Today 


In the early 1930's, the Paulist Productions building at 17575 Pacific Coast Highway, was a private club for Hollywood high society called Joya's located on the second floor.




Thelma Todd's Sidewalk Café was on the ground floor. Todd, the blond bombshell movie star of her time, died a mysterious death on December 16, 1935.


Thelma Todd


Her body was found in the garage of her business partner, Roland West, slumped over the wheel of her convertible, dead from carbon monoxide poisoning. Theories about her death abound: suicide, accident, murder by a jealous lover, a mob hit. But the death of Thelma Todd is still one of Hollywood's great mysteries.