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You're a super smooth, super senior living a dream life in L.A. Dad suddenly pulls the plug. Can you "man up?"


It's Tyler Mason's 23rd birthday. He's expecting the keys to a new car. Instead Dad gives him his walking papers. "Mr. Tough Love," evicts him and cuts the cord to his ATM. Tyler, a fifth year college student, has skated for years on charm and good looks while hanging out at the beach. Now, he's out on his own swimming with the sharks.


He gets and loses three jobs in just one day. His self-esteem disappears faster than the money his mother slips him. Everything is harder than he thought. His sketchy friend Vinny Choi, wants to keep living the phat life. Lauren Vazquez, a true friend who's learned to make her own way, helps him get a job – against her better judgment. But, does she want to be more than just Tyler's friend?


The real shake up comes when Tyler meets Jesse, a musician with a dream and a plan. Tyler is about to take the ride of his life.